Currency system in Black Ops 2

If they're bringing back the currency system, I think they really should change it up a bit. It was way too easy earning money and the weapons, camos, etc were too cheap. Especially camos and how you could pretty much buy any one you wanted right away. I want more tough decisions and pondering to go into what I want to do with my money.

On a side note, I loved how they made you really earn the pro perks...


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Im kinda flip flop on the earning pro perks. I hated having to play a gamemode I dont ususally play, but then again it usually turned out fun playing something new, LOL.

I'd like to mony system to be much higher as level progresses. They are too cheap to buy when the level is reached.

the money system should be left for weapons.  All perks, camo, and gun attachments should be earned by doing challenges.

^^^^ agreed