So i went to amazon to look at games to buy then i see Ouya available for preorder my understanding of this console is that it is powered by android and that's about it so i'm curious about this new console more so about it's games are the games that are going to be able to buy the same games that are already on android apps (angry birds etc) if so why bother making a console for it when you can easily purchase it on your phone and no games on android are worth buying when compared to console games or even some of the games on ios or are their games in development for it?



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This has absolutely nothing to do with Xbox. Why don't you try to Bing! Ouya and find out more about it

Actually it has no compatability with the Google Play store. And the use of controllers open up the console to a whole new realm of possibilities. It's going to be more like the kind of stuff you see on the XBLA without the high price tag to access these kinds of games.. It will be better for Devs as well because there are unlike Xbox Live, there is no cost for releasing games and patches. Ouya just gets a 30% cut of the sales. And if you think mobile gaming is all about Angry Birds, I suggest you look an something like Infinity Blade. But even that has its limits due to touch screen controls. You can also expect games to look like this.

If thats the type of games it will be running, I think I will pass.

Yeah and a new updated version of the console will release yearly costing you another 99 bucks. Pass on it for me.

x24hrs2livex don't give me that BS i've seen plenty of non xbox related topics like ios also i was reading that this may be a big hit with indie developers that so far has made XBLA what it is today so in part has alot to do with xbox for example what if they were to leave XBLA for Ouya.


A console that can only run games that I can get on my phone.