Curious about 'reward'.

So,  still haven't heard anything more of the reward that was mentioned prior to the release. Anyone else have any news on it?



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Are you talking about this?...

Or possibly this?...

That's all I know about.  I hope it was helpful.  I was looking for more news after I read your post but I came up with nothing else.

Oh, no. 'preesh the effort on your post though! Although those are both sweeeet deals too, there was mention from WotC, that players who had the previous title would be given a reward for getting the 2012 release. It did not specify what, when, or how we were to get it- I was just wondering if anyone had heard anything more about it than that.

Oh.  I did not know about that.  I'm pretty curious about it now though because I bought the previous game on xbox360 and on PC.  I'll be keeping an eye out for info.  If I find anything I'll post it here first.  Thanks for telling me about it.

I asked about it (twice) in the announcement thread with no result.

I just left a message to JORAX about it too on that same thread- maybe he/she forgot.

well... crap. I guess this may be the answer:

Jun 14, 2011 -- 6:00PM, WotC_Microbless wrote:

Hey everyone just wanted to give you an update. When we first started talking about Duels 2012 the idea of rewarding players was something we really wanted to explore. As time continued there were many factors that occurred making this harder to accomplish. Paul made a great point by saying “we’re always looking at ways,” so this time around we can’t do it, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop looking towards the future. I just wanted to pop in and let you guys know so there is no more confusion about this.


Which is from:

Oh well, thanks for the update.

I was really on the fence about picking this game up, but after hearing about the free foil Grave Titan plus the game for ten bucks it was too good to let go.  I'm also extremely happy to be able to cut any card I want from the deck to keep it at a tight 60.  That was my main complaint with the previous game.  That's a pretty sweet reward.