Crystal Ring Shield not working anymore ?

I'm in Anor Londo on NG+ and have tried using the Crystal Ring Shield with a variety of weapons, including a Lightning Zwiehander +5, a Queelag's Fury +4 and a Lightning Spear +4. It only seems to do about 50-60 damage against both the Knights and the Sentinels ! What gives ? During NG, this shield was godlike and now it seems useless. Was it nerfed ? I didn't play for about 6 six months between NG and NG+ so it's possible that I forgot something... Any ideas ?


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From what i know is that it got nerfed a lot and it depends on the dmg from your right-hand weapon AND it will get stronger if your weapon does Magic DMG and gets weaker if you use a Lightning or Raw ones.

I think they nerfed it for the maximum damage to be 200. Could be another number too but don't expect too much from it.

Kind of lame. Should do a decent amount of damage. I never got to use it pre-patch, but the shield doesn't offer much defense itself, it's casting speed it's that short, and from what I understand it doesn't home in.

350 points of damage was the most the crystal ring shield did for me,and my intelligence level is 55.