Crysis 2 worth $34.99?

Crysis 2 is the deal of the day on Amazon and I've been interested in picking it up. Is it worth $34.99? I've heard that the multiplayer still lags and the online population has gotten much smaller, but I'm more interested in the campaign.


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I'm sure you've also heard that it's the best FPS to come out in a long time

I personally don't think so... I mean, saying it's the best FPS to come out in a long time is like sayiing "That's the best piece of dog turd that I have ever eaten."  (Recently played = satirical)

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I'm sure you've also heard that it's the best FPS to come out in a long time


I've heard a few people say that.  Then again, every time a AAA FPS is released I hear that.


More often than not I've heard that it looks pretty but offers nothing new.


I haven't played it myself though, so take that for what's it's worth.

I'm not expecting the best FPS on out Crysis 2, I'm just looking for a solid, fun FPS campaign. I have a few friends that play online, so I'd put a little time into the multiplayer as well.

I had the game for 3 weeks (gamefly). The online portion is a lot of fun. Especially if you have some friends playing with you. However, I felt the campaign was a little weak. The story is great but the game is extremely frustrating. The moment you are uncloaked everyone sees you and opens fire. If you're cloaked, you can't run cause it will drain your cloaking ability. When you ability is depleted, your suits energy suffers and as a result you can die quicker. I stopped playing it half way through and youtube'd the ending. The linear gameplay and retarded cloaking system got to me. I say save yourself the money and rent it to get it outta your system.

I have to say it's a good looking game and the concept behind it is great, but the campaign is dull and tedious to play, with you watching stuff happening for five minutes or longer at a time and then getting some light action with a few moments of heavy action thrown in at some points. It's very stop and start if you know what I mean, and I don't like that in an FPS.


However, I'll say the multiplayer is good fun to play with clever use of powers making a difference in some situations, offering various strategies, but I wouldn't get it just for that mode. I'd say rent it for a bit.