So I received a Crusader I & II from the packs of our last Operation. I then went to work to try and find a class best suited for this gun. It took a little while but I think I finally found her a home with my Krogan Soldier & Sentinel. The "shotgun" is extremely heavy but I enjoy. To me, it's not really a shotgun but like a sniper with no scope. It's best to shoot from hip at close & mid ranges as well. So I'm just wondering has anyone else tried the Crusader out? If so, what class did you use it on and what do you think of it? It took about two matches for me to get use to it but now I love it.

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I didnt like it. It's to heavy.

The only reason i don't like it is because it goes against everything a shotgun stands for and essentially turns itself into a Sniper; Minus the scope.

Not to mention that you would need either the Turian Soldier's Marksman, or a Stabilizer II / III Armor Consumable.

^ The Reegar Carbine isn't exactly a 'shotgun' either. More like an electrical/blue-flame ray gun. lol

Crusader chews phantoms with quick 2 shots as a Geth