CrTs (Crueltus) Clan Recruitment Tryouts

CrTs Clan Recruitment


Our clan, Crueltus, (Latin for bloodthirsty) is currently recruiting. We are signed up on the MLG website and are planning to do tournaments and game battles on there, but don't hold me on that. We do CoD: Zombies (we have most of the maps.), most CoD's, Bf:Bc2, etc.

We will have tryouts whenever you and one of the leaders is online, message me, Gamer MBT on xBox live if you want to try out. If you want to try out we will have tryouts on Black Ops, all guns or quickscopes depending on what you prefer. If you don't have Black Ops, we will also accept Modern Warfare 2.

We would like for players to have a mic, but if you don't we will try to work around it. And also, no squiekers. We will accept anyone 13+, possibly younger if you are mature, but that is up to us. Thank you.

NOTICE: We are a clan just starting out with only a handful of us at this time, so don't expect much for the next month or two until we get going. Thank you for joining if you do. Any comments or concerns contact me, Gamer MBT, on xBox live as a message or voice message.


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