Crowbar missing from three locations on online servers

I watched videos on youtube to find the locations of the crowbar weapon.  One location is the LSC paint shop neaR THE $400K PROPERTY.  iTS UP THE STAIRS TO THE RIGHT OF THE PAINT SHOP GARAGE DOOR.   Suppose to be top of steps.  Wasn't there for me.  Second location south west of the map where the free way is a figure eight with toll booths.  Inside the toll booth is a tv and radio and no crowbar.  I check all four toll booth.  Third location very north near factory loading docks door suppose to be behind a stack of pallets and dumpster.  No crowbar there either.  So did Rockstar bug the crowbar some how so it doesn't spawn in the servers any more or what?  I tried public servers and invite only servers.  I got the golf club yesterday easy.


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I can get a crowbar instantly on story mode.  But online there not at any of the three locations.  Is this a known issue?

They don't have a particular spawn point in GTA: O. You need to acquire them from a certain LTS (which I forget the name to ATM) event, and it works like Survival: the weapons you obtain during the event transfer over with your character until you Leave GTA Online.

Yeah the crowbar is in a mission.  Got one.  That's youtube video was for story mode but didn't say story mode.

Always check if the bar on the bottom that represents health and armor has a "yellow bar" as well. This is the Special Bar, which can only be gotten if you are in Story Mode. IOW, it is a dead giveaway for a Story Mode-only video.