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Microsoft really dropped the ball on this. They had a wonderful opportunity for amazing games such as Warthunder but refuse to let us, the gamers that purchased their platform, from being able to enjoy such things as they do not want to allow us to play with our friends on Sony and PC platforms. It makes absolutely no sense at all.

Final Fantasy 11 allows us to play with people on PC and PS2, and guess what? Most of my friends are there as well.

Because of Microsoft's reasoning we are also denied other MMOs such FF14 and it hinders allowing games to have crossplatform multiplayer all together such as Defiance and the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online.

What will it take to get egregious policies such as this overturned? Poor sales of the platform and using it as a tool to promote growth? Massive outcry by the fanbase? Backlash from shareholders?

Hopefully it happens before I am forced to sell my platform of choice so I can do something as simple as play with my friends on other platforms.


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Is it really just MS behind this? I'd like a source.

Who exactly is going to "force" you to sell things?

Perhaps "force" is too strong a word. And rather I would have no desire to continue to own it. Its inability to perform as a competent multiplayer gaming system. Why should I keep it if the only way to play with more friends than not is the competition's system? If I replace my Xbox One with a Sony console then atleast I know I can play with my Sony and PC friends at the cost of my Microsoft friends. But that is 2/3rds of those I want to play with which is infinitely more tan the 1/3rd I get by playing on my Xbox One.

If I had the ability to play with everyone on my Xbox One, I wouldn't be entertaining the idea of a switch, even if the Xbox does received the inferior versions of every multiplatform game as that doesn't bother me all that much.

I imagine I have about another year before I won't be able to sell my Xbox One for a reasonable amount if Microsoft keeps on current track. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy some of the games like Forza, but not at the expense of alienating the majority of my friends.

So they anticipate that sales will be so low that they need cross platform play to sustain the MMO world?

Maybe they should have made a better game.

To be fair, when a console has a limited as an install base as the Xbox One does, and Microsoft's polices require gold for MMOs and free to plays on the Xbox One, can you really blame people for not wanting to play on the Xbox?

The XBox ONE requires XBox LIVE for pretty much every next gen game released on it.

So saying their "making" people get LIVE as an extra for MMO's betrays a fundemental ignorance of what the XBox ONE is and actually does.

If you don't want the best exclusives and the most next gen games then I can completely understand someone choosing a different product than the ONE.

And so I have found another blind fanboy instead of a someone with a level head that can see the issues it will bring about. The Xbox One is certainly lacking now any must have exclusives and should Halo 5 follow the course of 4 then it is definitely a game I can do without. Barring that Microsoft really has next to no exclusives, let alone "the best" Have a nice day. If anyone else feels like contributing feel free to do so.

I'm all for cross-platform play, but it depends on the game. I don't fancy playing a FPS shooter against someone using a mouse. And the PS guys don't want to play against Xbox players because we are better (joking on the last part). 

Robborboy, if playing with friends is important to you, maybe you picked the wrong console? 

Well that is pretty stupid of MS if it's true. It seems hard to believe though because they'd have to be blind to miss the potential from indie and ftp games. Steam has been making a killing of them for a few years now. It sounds like "the one" is trying to the one that fails this generation. That's not counting the WiiU of course that failed so hard it went back a generation.

Btw cross platform fps works just fine for Shadowrun so it's not a far fetched idea.

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