Crimson Phoenix (CRPX) Recruiting. [MW3] [ELITE]

I'm the Co-leader of Crimson Phoenix.

We are a new generation of the clan, looking for people to join up. CRPX spans multiple games across multiple genres. For now, I'm here about CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 3, and CoD ELITE.

We are not a tryhard mlg clan, we have a good time, and win (most of the time lol) while doing so. I'm not asking for a certain K/D. We allow players of all skill levels in hopes that those lower skilled players will learn while playing with the better ones.

CoD ELITE Clan: "Crimson Phoenix"

MUST have at least free ELITE membership.

MUST be willing to be patient to reap the rewards, Clan Ops/Challenges allow free ELITE players to help their clan to level. (COMING SOON)

MUST be active.  Not many people have the Premium 500 xp bonus anymore. Once clan Ops/challenges come out (See Above) Everyone can level up their clan while playing with like minded friendly players.

------The old Crimson Phoenix website is gone. We are working on a possible new domain and starting site construction soon. Once we work out the full details.  For now,  94 people can join the CoD Elite Clan. [This Is our clan hub for now, Along with the 'Crimson_Phoenix Group tag.']

Message me if interested.


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Apologies. must be a problem with my browser. xD

heyy, noctis, ill look it up now, but my k/d sucks atm, coz this is my first cod game ive properly played on live... but ive gotten used to it and gettin much betta... my gamertag is d3m0n1c ru55 - if u can send me an invite it would be awesome... thankz