Crimson Omen Stickers.

what are you doing with yours? are you going to collect your stickers or are you going to use them?

where are you going to use them?

does this improve your rating of Gears 3? in my opinion it does.


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i put my stickers on my Xbox and put the little small one on the power button

I'll stick them on my friends PS3 when he isn't looking.



Save em.

I think its a cool unexpected bonus, but a sticker will not improve my rating of a game.....this game is clearly awesome with or without a sticker. I'll save mine with all my other Gears stuff. I still have the comic book from gears 2, and I just got the Gears bandaids from Gamestop lol....just in case I cut myself on my chainsaw :0

I put it on my Xbox. Look just like I bought the Gears 3 console.

put it on my laptop

Yea Im gonna put the small one on my laptop just have to pick a place for it

Was thinking of getting some sticky tape and putting the big sticker on the inside of my rear car window.

On the back of my car.