Crimson Maps DLC - Yay or Nay?

What do you guys think?


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Shatter sucks and I don't really vote for Harvest when it comes up because there's just too much crap in the way on that map.  Wreckage I vote for all the time.  However, join in progress doesn't work after the match has started on either of those maps during CTF for some reason, which makes me hate CTF even though I love CTF.

hmmm....i lurve shatter... but harvest is good for ctf...WHEN I HAVE TEAMMATES. you know...ones that actually understand that you can NOT leave just one guy to defend your flag. never works

Who doesn't lurve Shatter. it's the only map of the three that is chosen.


As for the original question.  I say Nay.  I just get sick of playing shatter six times in a row.  It would help if you had a team with majority vote advantage to help mix it up.

I hated Shatter for big team battle....getting long range kills was sketchy and it's the only map that seemed to lag more than any map in Halo 4.

Nay especially since in Big Team they always give you both Shatter and Wreckage as map choices together instead of splitting the two of them up and in my opinion both maps are pretty awful for big team.

I have em. Meow and rawr.

I don't like them, only thing they were good for was a break from the normal map roulette.