Crimson Lance Recruiting (Halo Reach & Black Ops)

The Crimson Lance is more than a clan, its a community of gamers. We strive to bring like minded gamers together and promote a team-centric atmosphere.  We are currently recruiting for Halo: Reach and our Call of Duty: Black Ops Division.

We have squads specializing in all game types of Reach and Black Ops, so if you prefer to play Team Slayer or Hardcore Search and Destroy you can play with other Crimson Lance members who enjoy and play those game types as well.

We offer both competitive and casual gaming experiences, so if you play just to blow off steam, but hate getting stuck with a bunch of randoms, hit up our website and if you play to, dominate then hit us up as well.

Unlike, some of those big time clans with massive websites, the Crimson Lance uses only a group of forums to run our operation. We believe, the less time players have to spend on a site and the more they can spend time in game, is best for everyone. However, we do require that members check the forums on a regular basis, and we reward that activity with "promotion points," a system developed for our in clan ranking structure.

Members can gain rank by posting and being active on our site, participating in  clan/squad events, attending practices, and being recommended by staff. Speaking of which we also offer staff positions to those who prove they are worthy and capable of operating at that level.

The Crimson Lance is looking for members of any skill type and rank within the games we support. Our view is, if you aren't that good at the game, we will help you get to that level, so don't worry about that.
We are looking for members who are mature, age isn't a huge concern however we are mostly looking for members 15 and up, special considerations can and will be taken for each applicant however.
Other requirements for being accepted into the Lance are:

* A working microphone

* Being active on our site

* Being able to attend at least 1 mandatory practice per week

* 15 years of age or older (special considerations will be made for younger members)

If you are interesting in becoming apart of our community go to our website Register (which is free), go to our Apply Within forum, Be sure to read our rules and regulations first, and then hit up the application post, fill out the information and send it to the Division Commander in which Division you are joining.

We are a community of gamers...We are the Crimson Lance...and...We are Recruiting

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Oh, almost forgot, we currently have around 21 active members spread across 2 Divisions (Reach and Black Ops), we are also looking for active Europeans to join our clan, so if you live across the pond, don't be shy!

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