Crimson DLC - Bigfoot achievement not unlocking

I am very annoyed by this!

I got all of the achievements for the Crimson DLC except this one, even though I have met all requirements (20 foot stomp kills with mantis in Crimson DLC playlist). I got 24 foot stomp kills on Shatter legitimately and sstill nothing. I checked my stats on waypoint. DOes anybody have any news about this? Will it get fixed soon? Can I ever get the achievement,?


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Come on guys, help me!

Have you tried getting a few more kills with the Mantis Stomp?

I had 21 kills with the mantis stomp, i guess one of them didn't count as a mantis stomp.

so i tried a another game and unlocked the achievement with 22 kills.

Yeah, just keep plugging along with those stomps. Eventually it'll probably unlock.

Should unlock after 20, if it doesnt, keep stomping away :) It will unlock eventually.

Seeing as the Crimson DLC achievements are somewhat buggy/glitchy it might not work at all (until a patch maybe), but you could end up doing something totally unrelated and it will pop up.

Thats how I got the ODST Achievement. Totally random.

ODST I got randomly, but the turret kills popped at 20.I'll keep trying anyway. Thanks. And yea, really hoping for a patch or something.

Ahhhh super annoying. Why isn't this fixed?!!! It took forever to get the right map, get the mantis, and get a stomp kill. (Legitimately)