Crimson DLC Achievement issue

Achievements have been unlocking with actually fulfilling the requirements.Also one unlocked but didn't score it.Anybody know if 343 is aware of this issue and or fixing it?

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I had the same problems. I unlocked 4 of the new achievements but I only recieved score for 2 of them. It says I only have 51 out of 57 but really I have 53. :(

343i is currently going through a storm of issues with Halo 4. The only thing that can be done at the moment is to wait for a fix. Bringing this up on the Waypoint forums could also help, but I'm sure there have been tons of reports about this.

You need to download your account and re earn them. Its what I did.

Having same issue, going to try what use above said when I get home.

The achievements are glitched so earning melee after leaving a man cannon which would normally be almost impossible can be earned by just getting a regular melee kill.

Its very hard to believe 343i did not notice these issues while beta testing internally.  The achievement glitches are very common and I suspect 343i turned a blind eye in order to ship the DLC in time.

I got that kill someone while airborne from a man cannon achievement when i did not even touch a man cannon. I don't think i was even airborne at the time. So the achievements must be glitched.

I got the ODST achievement  by jumping out of an exploding Warthog on Harvest that killed the sticky grenade thrower.