Crew emblems seem buggy yet for me

Today all my crew emblems on all my cars were gone.  Had to drive all 10 cars to paint shop to put them back on.  Not sure why they vanished?  Maybe some bug?  I did go to clothing store yesterday and put crew patch on back of another t-shirt.  Maybe that glitched the car patches?  Also I still cant put crew emblem on leather jackets yet for some odd reason.  Even without a crew emblem on t-shirt still doesn't let me put one on leather jacket.  My crew can but I cant.  Just got the message bottom of corner of crew rank kindpin yet.  That should be more then enough.  Also shows locks for all three crew emblem sizes locked for leather jackets.


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I know the emblem comes off your clothes when you turn the game off which is kinda nice or your shirt or whatever would always have it. The cars is a constant thing. I have replaced this so many times. The nice part is that after you buy it once its free. It used to happen randomly but what I have noticed is that if you lose the part of your car that the emblem is on like the hood then it disappears once its fixed via garage or Custom shop.

Yeah that's probably what happened. I lost my hood off of my Sabre turbo while having a demolition derby with the cops.

And Jackets! When are those freaking emblems available for jackets? I've seen people with them on, how do you unlock them?!

Well i'm a kingpin and it wont let me have it on jackets either.  I know some said you cant have a crew emblem on a t-shirt then put a jacket on then have a emblem on that at same time.  But tried no emblem on t-shirt then tried to put crew emblem on jacket.  Any of them but shows a paddle lock on them for options.  I think its some kind of bug.