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All I want is to be able to walk around with my crew emblem on my shirt, however I can't get it to show up in the game, I even quit my original gang and started a new gang and that emblem won't show up, any help given would be appreciated,

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You have to select it at a clothing store, should be at the top of the list after you select a shirt.

I know that but when I go to put my emblem on my clothes it does not appear

Perhaps your crew is not ranked highly enough. The crew features do seem to be restricted.

You crew leader?  Think leader can only make or adjust crew emblem.  Not 100% sure yet.  Just made my BEER mug emblem patch.

You can put one on yourself as above said, at the clothes store. It has been buggy. So was the car crew emblem but they fixed that. The emblem seems to just fall off at any random time. I can usually hold onto mine for a long session but the next day it is usually gone. Its only 100 bucks but 100 bucks everyday will eventually add up. I will do what I did with the car. Forget about it until they fix it. I know there are no copyrights on emblems but for the post above this one. You are stealing my crews emblem. We have had a beer mug since the start of online. PisWasser Beer Club. Is there any possible way you could make your emblem something else? Please respond so my crew can change ours if you refuse. It would suck to have to make a new emblem. We love our emblem but we dont want to use the same emblem as someone else.

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Think leader can only make or adjust crew emblem.  Not 100% sure yet.


The Commissioner has the privilege to change things.

The emblems seem to be bugged. Sometimes they are on your clothes and cars and sometimes they aren't. Hopefully the next patch will fix this. I have been able to paint it on my cars again for free so it's not a big deal. I gave up trying to keep it on my clothes though.