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I recently joined a crew and was looking to add the crew emblem to clothes/car, but the emblem is one of the premade generic ones. So I created a new one and published it to the social club crew web site. On the crew page it shows the new one I made and the other one, but in-game at the mod/clothes shops it only gives me the option to use the one I don't like and not the one I made.

So how do I switch between the different crew emblems in the game? Or is this something only the crew leader has control over and only one emblem can be selected at a time for the crew? 


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The commissioner  can change it as well. Thats it though. Just the two top leaders.

I just created a test crew to see if selecting the crew emblem options were different and as I assumed, yes, you have to be the crew "Leader" to change and select the emblem for the whole crew.


As a crew member you can publish as many emblems as you want, but you will only be able to use your custom emblem if the leader selects it or if you start your own crew.


There are other positions within a crew that have more power and they might be able to switch the emblems, I haven't tested this and am not going to. I'm in the "Muscle" category of my current crew (Leader of test crew) and as the muscle I can not change to my custom emblem.

^Tried that but didn't work. Is selecting the crew emblem something only the crew leader can do? If so, that is stupid. I can publish all the emblems I want but if I ever want to use one, I either have to talk the leader into using a specific emblem, or start my own crew just to use the emblem I want.

After you publish the emblem you still have to go back to the crew page and select the one you want to use. Just mouse over it in the gallery and click "use crew emblem" or what ever it says.

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You said clothes.  Oh well.

Nope, didn't help or work. That thread answers a different question than the one I asked.

Maybe this works?  I don't know...