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I ended up finding a Really Creepy thing in skyrim.. made a creepy pasta about it.. feel free to tell your stories

I ended up thinking about what to do on a Monday night... I thought to myself why not look at creepy thing in skyrim to find or adventure to... I looked online to see what creepy places people have been to I saw some people talk about some sort of light house.. frost something... I saw some people talking about caves and dungeons.. I thought "why not just play the game and if I find something creepy it'll be better for the experience".... I loaded my saved game on skyrim on my level 34 Orc I'm pretty happy about him. he's gotten me through some tough spots... I was going to turn off my music in the audio so it gets more intense feeling ... I realized that the music was already off... odd.. but it didn't bother me to much.. I dimmed the brightness in display.. gave it a nice dark feel to it but not to much dark where I couldn't see.. just enough where I had to use a torch to see in the darkest area... I started at my lake view manor house that I built from the ground up. I wandered around came across some neighbors who I haven't really noticed.. check out the house seems there was a burglary and a secret passage.. after I went through that wasn't that creepy.. killed the bandits and took my loot... I suddenly remembered that I killed Gretchen the kind and also answered that kids dark brotherhood summoning... I might as well get it over with so when I do sleep I don't end up appearing out of place when I do decide to sleep in a bed... I slept and appeared in a bloody shed as usual the lady was there telling me about killing Gretchen and it was a good kill and all yada yada.. she told me to kill one of the three who was targeted for the dark brotherhood.. I killed the Khajit and ended that part because he was obviously a heartless ***.. I talked to her and told me about joining the dark brotherhood... anyways after I skipped all that I left the bloody shed and decided to walk.. didn't know which way to go so I just started walking.. it was morning out and I thought this area would be great for the torch and to just walk around and get a nice creepy feel to it.. I waited 12 hours till it was 7pm I took out my torch and came across a Cave.. it was called.. Movarths Lair ...I've never really noticed this place... thought to myself might be fun... I walked in cautionsly and I snuck around and shot enemies with a bow... I noticed certain... things...  I shot a woman that was sitting in a chair most likely keeping gaurd... after I killed her I looked on the table as usual looking for gold.. when I saw it.. a bloody skull... this made me a little uneased because I had no idea why this woman had a bloody skull on her table.. I snuck into the other room she was guarding and heard a man speaking, I stopped and listened.. he was talking to someone though... he said "thanks for the gold friend I appriate it, just hang here with your friends" I scanned the room couldn't see anyone.. I walked into a corner of the room to get a better view, I over heard him say "now you stay here and I'll go get my shovel" my dumb follower ended up walking in plain view and made a noise.. I swear she was trying to get me killed after our last adventure into the neighbors house and killed those bandits... but after she made a noise the man heard and as an AI he said "who's there?" I see him get out of a grave and I quickly move, I get out of sneak and as he runs towards me I use both my weapons to attack.. he goes flying in the air and into the grave.. "awesome air time" I thought to myself.. I went to collect my loot..... when there I saw... 4 bodies in that grave... 4.. bloody bodies.. one was even a woman and I saw a shovel... I looked at the man I just killed thinking these people are heartless and... then I realized.. he was a Vampire.. it made since now that I thought about it.. the bloody skull.. the uneasy feeling... I thought "it makes sense now.... doesn't it?" I still felt uneasy and noticed more bodies appearing.. bloody body parts in wheel barrows even 3 in a line.. I felt like puking.. I never had this feeling before.. it was too horrible.. everytime I get to points like this I save.. I'm a smart gamer I don't just go into something without saving... after I got myself together from the horrorific sight of those body parts I started to find my way back to the bloody skull on the table.. I made my way back to the room before that.. their were two other ways I haven't gone.. I took the way on the left... something didn't feel right... I.. I felt like something was there.. I couldn't see it though... didn't help I had the lights off in my room and no sound except the tv... I quickly went through my favorites and grabbed a torch... I walked through a tunnel.. I felt a slight chill... I saw someone.. I thought I saw someone... I started to walk slower.... it was a naked woman.. standing... that didn't bother me... the thing that bothered me she didn't have a head... she was standing like a profile arms and legs out... it made me feel so... terrified... I could hear her speak.. must be a glitch I thought to myself.. my follower decided to attack her and she wasn't even fighting back.. just standing there... facing me the whole time... my follower made a final attack and you could her the woman cry out in pain... this sent chills up my spine... I thought "she'll just fall down and maybe go back to normal.." she didn't.. she just stood there... facing me.... blood on the ground from her body.... I quickly saved and shut off my game.... I still have the image of her in my head...


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