Credits Missing

I honestly have no clue what the hell happened here. I finished playing REACH a few hours ago. Now that I fired it back up, I am now apparently back to 17867 credits and rank of corporal. I was at 28008 and sitting at Sergeant Grade 1. No power surge occurred, no spike, no virus. Nothing. All I did was turn on my console and now it says that I have 17867 credits. No damage to the disk, it's MINT.

I dont think I will play this anymore. I just started to play it (it sat unopened for quite awhile) a few days ago and already it screws me. 

If you are gonna make something, do it right. I don't have time for this.


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No clue, that is weird. Maybe it did not save...

If u quit mail me the game, lolz jk

It's four thousand credits.... don't worry about it.