Credits & Gamer Score deleted- 0 balance after re-downloading profile from server

Please reference ID 1197520220 (called XBOX support on 02-20-13)  

About 2 weeks ago I had trouble connecting with XBOX LIVE- HALO REACH multiplayer. I contacted XBOX LIVE support team. I was asked to delete just my 'profile' and re-download it from the server. I did- and was able to connect to XBOX LIVE -HALO REACH multiplayer, however- my gamer score was set back to 0 and all my credits to 0 as well. All my purchases for HALO are gone. My LIVE icon shows a red GEARS OF WAR skull (not by my doing).

I posted the above information once before and received no e-mail response or XBOX LIVE messages. Its been over a week and a half and I am disappointed in the service I received for assistance on the phone. The last person I spoke to on the phone idenitfied themselves as a 'supervisor' named Doug. Doug owes me an apology for hanging up on me.

I really would like to continue patroning XBOX LIVE but after the last several phone conversations I am re-considering my investment.

I need some solid answers & some results within a reasonable amount of time to restore my faith in the XBOX community. Please give something to work with.

Thank-you in advance for your assistance.




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Wow damn that sucks man but i doubt you will find any real help here in this forum , have you tried the Xbox Support Forums on here? Hopefully somebody on there will be able to help you out but to be honest it takes awhile to get them to reply they only answer on weekdays and from certain hours and they answer the questions/problems on those posted first and then work their way to yours but good luck