Creation Centre (J.Smith bug)

Is there any chance of Microsoft/EA fixing this problem. Doesn't affect the PS3 as it's due to the stupid profanity filter XBox has. Am getting sick of created teams, half full of J.Smiths.

Why sell me an add-on for a game, when it's obviously so flawed, it doesn't work correctly. If your not fixing it, then please refund my money. You made no mention of this bug before I purchased the add-on, which obviously doesn't work as advertised. Is this really annoying to anyone else??




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I have no had / seen this issue ever before. Did you try uninstalling/reinstalling or installing the game?

It was same on last years FIFA

There have been mentions of it on FIFA forums, and EA/Microsoft are being notoriously quiet about it...after of course selling the add on, with no mention of its problem

Should this count as false advertising, selling an extra feature, that they know to be broken, then not even acknowledge the problem??

I don't think that it counts as "false advertising." Plus, it is not "broken" if it is only happening to some people... And the fact that they are selling a feature that is broken and/or not acknowledging the problem is bad PR -- that is who you should contact.

John smith and his 1 balance.... Lol