Creating Your Own GTA: O Lobby with a Mixture or Crew, Friends, and Randoms...

is this possible?


Basically, is it possible to instead of "jumping" right into a "populated" lobby in GTA: O, can you start up a lobby and then "populate" it with a mixture of your friends, crew members, and randoms? I haven't been able to get into the GTA: O Free Roam yet due to server problems. I believe R* said that you were able to do this, so I want to know if this was possible.


For those of you who may STILL not understand what I am asking, remember how in GTA: IV you could start up a Free Mode lobby with just you and a couple of friends and then later random players would also be able to join in? Can you do something like this in V on GTA: O or no?


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The only thing ive seen that we can do right now is, enable passive mode for when you have all those randoms in there with you, and that will stop them from just being able to run up and shoot you in the face,  but you can also start a game and set it to your crew only,  which will just be your crew members, and you can also set up a game with your crew and friends only, however I dont think you can let randoms in those two.

I've read elsewhere on the forums that if you start a story mode game, then press start and go to the online option in the pause menu, you can set up a server that way.


I have not tried this yet so it may not be true.

Okay, start story mode then press start, go to online in the pause menu and click "play GTA Online",  then you get six options

1: GO - Head strait in GTA Online

2: Invite only session

3:Crew session

4: Closed crew session

5: Closed friend session

6: Solo session

anyone been able to create a crew on their PC?

^ Do you mean creating a crew through the Social Club? Once you sign in, there are 5 tabs at the top: Profile, Games, Crews, Online Events, and News. Select "Crews" and then you'll see an option to "Create a Crew".