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Hi All,


Loving the game - Universe mode especially - my question is; while I know how to vreate feuds - is there a way I can create a tag team so that it all comes together in storyline as opposed to just manually creating one? Should I use one guy to help another one in his matches each show and hope that they will start to help each other on their own & then the game can set them up as a team?


Any thoughts?


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do you have that turned on in the options, in universe mode you have an option to form and disband teams based on story stuff, as long as you have it on sure, the easiest way do form a team or allies to start off with is run in during the persons match you wan the team formed by, and help them win the match do that a couple of times back and forth between the two and you should start off as allies, then eventually the ally friendship should grow to give you the choice of forming a tag team

Thanks, I'll give that a try!

no problem, let me know how it worked out, when the story stuff works its pretty neat alot of times