Creating F1 2012 clan !

So i wanted to create a clan for Formula 1 2012 ! 

I'm new to all this clan stuff so just message me and ill get back to you as soon as possible.

So far what i'm planning is maybe every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday there could be a 50% race with full qualifying and practice sessions. I was considering some late night events to that would be pretty cool. (in my opinion)

Depending on what time everyone can get on or day i'll try to work out a schedule to see what time we could start the sessions. 

Now for trying out i don't really know what to do, if i should try people out to see lap times or just freely let anyone in. Leave any suggestions for me. If you want to join just message me.

So basically i'm not that good at F1 still trying to get the whole mechanics down and everything but i wanted to create this clan cause i have a real interest in Formula 1.

I still don't know what to name the clan i'd let the members decide that since it is a clan. Anyone welcome to join!

Requirements- You don't have to have a mic but i'd prefer it so everyone can chat. That's it!



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You let everyone join freely, then setup a practice race and see if the drivers you are good drivers and cut the bad ones.