created character stuck as jacob cass

I'm sure I should have read the fine print before jumping in with my created character, but once you've beat RTW, outside of deleting the save file, is there an another way to remove them from there? seems a bit silly and I'm worried I'll lose my save data if I delete it



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Couldn't figure out how to delete my RTWM data. What I did do was start a new 'hero story' with 'jacob cass' as a new creation...I spent no time on this guy just took all defaults...I did have to let him beat the first guy in the story so the game saved...after that I could go in and edit the original 'jacob cass' back to my old CAW. Problem is I have this new 'jacob cass' that shows up in my universe mode. I could change my CAW's name but I'm used to him as 'Ambiguous Cowboy' Jacob Cass so now I have two Cass Caws running around.

You Have To Restart RTWM From The Villian Story Complete The First Match And Let It Save, Then Go Back To Your CAW Which Was Changed To Jacob Cass And Now You Can Re-edit Everything Then Save, That Is How I Did It.

Yup most people are doing it the way Clutch just described...

great call everyone! going to knock it out quick and hopefully it all works

it worked perfectly, thankfully I uploaded my caw moves so I downloaded them back onto my guy, wow that's so awful you'd think once the story is over you would be able to edit again, so sloppy

now why would THQ think you would want to do that Dark lol...   nah I agree with you, or they should of at least said, if you dont want your guys stuff changed then dont use your personal CAW's in the story mode..  a little warning would have been nice

cant seem to change his name it lets me edit everything else but not the name am i missing sumthing

try again, it gave me an odd error, but it let me do it

and yeah its moronic, I jumped right in with my guy I was like WTF you're changing his name, his moves, I'm so lost lol and then once its all done, I can't even change him back without using game flaws or deleting my saved data? that's just stupid