Has anyone else played this game? Ive been really interested in giving it a try ever since it had been released but I hadnt ever heard a thing about it, most people dont even know the game exists haha.

Finally picked it up yesterday for 14 bucks along with Enslaved haha. But Create is actually a pretty interesting game for the price. Its somewhat of a little big world rip off but I thought it was actually really interesting.If you have a very creative way of thinking then you'll probably love it, everything in the maps/worlds is customizable for you to create as you will too which can be somewhat time consuming though haha.

But over all Im actually really enjoying it.


Here's a video with some gameplay the reviewer was kind of harsh in parts but it was the first week of release and he kinda seems like a douche bag anyways haha.




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I've never even heard of that, that looks like something that i would get hours of entertainment out of. I will have to look into it :D


LOL, tell that to me that got the game without manuals. I got the manual later thanks to a gamestop employee that gave me one when i showed to him the receipt.

I don't think I've ever heard of it.  I'll have to watch the video at video cards at work.

I forgot you could link like this haha.


I want to try it too. I really would like a RPG maker game to 360.

Sorry I lost ALL interest when I saw the letters EA

Dude! This would keep be busy like forever haha, I may have to try it out soon. I see it going for pretty cheap lately.

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I want to try it too. I really would like a RPG maker game to 360.


I never could figure those games out for PS2 haha.


We have it. My Wife loves it. I must admit, I was a little scared when I saw the EA logo myself. Everything they've touched lately has turned to 5#1t... Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Need for Speed... Even the PC version of The Sims 3 is a glitch-filled mess that only gets worse with each patch.

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Sorry I lost ALL interest when I saw the letters EA



I used to be as biased as you - But give the man a chance, games like Mass Effect 2 and Battlefield were pretty good stuff from EA. They are also the only company that peroidically reduced their old games' price.