Personally, I wish there were more fun type of cheats for the game to extend its, already almost infinite replayability, after you beat the game. If you could create a cheat, what would it be? Here are the ones I've thought of:

  • Spawn Mountain Lion - (self explanatory)
  • Sharknado! -  Spawns a shark that "swims" out of water. (It pretty much can swim through the air so you are not safe anywhere and it can swoop down and eat you or pedestrians at any time)
  • FIRE-Engine - Spawn a firetruck that shoots ignitable gasoline out of its hose instead of water.
  • Riot (old school san andreas cheat) - Everyone in the city riots, cars speed getting chased by police, civilians fight one another and you, things are randomly on fire, etc...
  • Chop 2.0 - Spawn an vehicle that will have the same AI as chop (come when when you call it, able to play fetch with it, attacks people you attack)

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Spawn Jaeger - Spawns a Jaeger that the player can get in and operate.

Randomly Spawn a Kaiju - Randomly spawns a Kaiju that will attack the city until it is destroyed.

if there was no Online at all, i would have not bought GTA V, true fact :P

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