Craziest point differential?

Last night was playing the campaign with the Machinations deck.  Got to a point where I had a lot of big guys out and it was clear I was going to win, so I decided to see how lopsided I could get.  It got down to where I had almost every creature in the deck on the board and a lot of tokens, they were all tokened up with many many +1/+1.  I attacked on my last possible turn (no cards left in the library) and the game ended with a score of 784 to -1208.

What's the most lopsided win you've ever had?


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I've beat Garruk 30 to -590 using the Elf Deck. Apparently there is a 100 token limit and the one creature that is +1 for every elf combined with might of the masses made him 250 attack alone, not counting all the other creatures

I beat Garruk with the Elf deck, he never touched me... 20 points to me... got Garruk down to one point - and then the epic attack.... 2962 points of damage to Garruk in one single turn - also no cards in his deck, no cards in hand for a grand total of -2961 

hee hee

plus - photos!