Hey, I'm looking for a party of people to help me take down Crawmerax so I can get the achievement.
Reply or add me if you are interested.



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Farm Craw quite often, interested to join or need help let me know.

I can help.  I have never beaten craw.  i'm a level 69 soldier.  Add me if you still need help.

I am another sad soul that only needs a Crawmerax kill for my final 2 cheevos, level 63 Brick currently, on P1 with a lvl 67 craw.

Just hit me up with a FR next time you are on and I'll hop on in...

Help would be greatly appreciated K A muddy.

If you guys still need help, let me know, I'll hop on as well.  Already have the achievement, but I love the game...

I can come on almost any time. I am from Australia.

Surfy I will be on most of the day.Send me an invite I need this chievo to.US EST

What times are you on and where are you or time zone?  It might help you get more responses.