CraveTheGame - Newly established and looking for YOU!!!

Hello Everyone!!

I'm Miss Wotsit, the site founder of , the site is newly established (less than 24 hours old!!) and we are a community for all types of gamers, be it competitive, laid back or just here for the banter! CraveTheGame is a friendly place for people of all ages!

We are a community that allows YOU to take control over what you want to see on the forums, our job is to keep you, the members, happy! In return we ask that you respect us and other peoples opinions, thoughts and, to put it bluntly,have a bloomin good time!!!!

Ok...So the site is new and constantly improving, but don't let that put you off, within the first 24 hours we have already secured (at time of release of this post!)  11 members. If they can see potential, then we hope you will too!

All the staff here are at CraveTheGame are really friendly so do not be afraid or hesitate, to contact us, pop by and say hello! 

If you have any questions then please ask us, it's what we are here for!! :)

So...If this sounds just like you, why not come check us out, sign up and Crave YOUR Game!!

We look forward to having you onboard :)

Miss Wotsit



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Another few members have joined us since this post :) hope to see you on board :)

14 Members so far :) Thanks for those of you who have taken the time to look at the site :)

Site is looking awesome miss wotsit!  So many members in such a short space of time too.  Feel this is gonna really take off and being a great community to be part off!  Thanks for the games this morning to was a good laugh :)

Hey just want to say a huge thank you to all the members that have joined so far!! we are increasing in size quickly than anticipated and it is a great great surprise so thank you all and we hope you are all enjoying the site :)

Really?!  You're looking for me?  Well, I have to say, I'm not that good at video games, so I don't know how you got my Gametag.  I'll have to think about it.

Oh yes...  By the way my clan, called the 'Fake non-existent brigade', just got 40,000 new members in the time it took me to edit this post!

Hey everyone, we at CraveTheGame are still looking for you lovely lot to come and check our site out! Sorry to hear there is some negativity with people that aren't even members on the site but will hope that any of you that are generally interested in a gaming community will take a look :)

Feel free to come and check out our site :) look forward to having you on board :)

We have just made some awesome new changes to our site, why not come and check us out, see for yourself :)

I love when girls are in charge. lol

Love gaming? Love to write reviews and have your say? Why not check out , or message me for more info!

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