Crashing out on Ultimate Team??? Help please!

We have a problem with the Fifa 13 game when trying to play Utimate Team. It says "This disk is Unreadable" then tells me to clean it, which i have done several times. There is nothing visibly wrong with the disk, no cracks or deep scratches.

There are two users on the Xbox who use ultimate team, now this error only occurs on one of them? The other user can play it all just fine.  I tried the disk in my sons Xbox as well and he was able to play his ultimate team with no issues so why is it giving this error?

I have spent a lot of money on x box points building up the team and now i can't play it. Anyone got any suggestions at all?? Just truly don't know why it would work for one person and not the other on the same console?


thanks in advance



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Might be the xbox if the same disk works on another xbox.

Try installing it to the hard drive of the xbox..

thanks sheep but people on the same xbox have no problem so its just my user where the problem occurs

I'd still advise you to install the game to your HDD.