Crashes, FUT, Pro Clubs & more

Every-time I try to get on FUT, the game will ask me to make a secret question & answer, I choose all questions & different answer for all questions but it will tell me that "secret questions could not be set up, exiting FUT". In Pro Clubs the computer A.I is (very dumb) ALWAYS messing up (dribbling in circles over & over & over again until the ball is lost, passing the other team when there is no one on its team in the area) pretty much giving the ball away WAY to much, own goal GALORE!. I don't like how you can not sub friends in @ half time when there is 300 benches open,  the game feels very scripted some times. On another note, the game will always boot me & a-lot of my friends out of the game so we will lose because people are getting booted.

So for now it looks like a huge waste of $60 & I am telling other friends not to get the game until things are fixed on this game....


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