I suppose I could ask this question on the official forum but I would rather ask it of friends here. I'm wondering about crafting and what is and is not that useful. Since I'm just really beginning I can go anyway. I'm currently an Altmer Sorcere and a Bosmer Nightblade so they both have a need for woodworking and clothing but not blacksmithing even if I do have some heavy armor. I am guessing that enchanting will also be important but what about alchemy and provisioning. I have a bunch of ingredients and a few recipes but can't seem to use the recipes even if I have the needed ingredients so I'm missing something. I have alchemical plants but haven't even tried to make anything. 

As for materials for woodworking and clothing, well, I seem to see a lot of iron. lol I have managed to find a little jute and less maple. I have some rawhide though since that drops from critters. I seem to remember from the beta that I found a lot more wood and jute in the Ebonheart start; is that anyone else's experience? I had no gold so I have sold stuff rather than deconstructing though I have researched the duplicated items from the starter urn. 

Let me know how you are handling crafting…or not crafting. I'm just a bit unsure how to approach crafting in an MMO since it is different from the single-player Elder Scroll universe.


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I went with Blacksmithing, Provisioning and Alchemy. They say that its best to go with just 2 or 3 unless you want your character to be for crafting only. Provisioning is a must for me because I love the huge buffs you get from food and drink in this game. Alchemy is also one of my favorities because of the potions and elixirs I can make. I use a lot of health potions. Blacksmithing is just an obvious choice for a heavy armour sword slinger. Up to you but I wouldn't pass up provisioning personally.

In my opinion, having experimented with multiple characters, lol (thinking about creating a new one tonight :/)...Alchemy and provisioning are the only crafts worth leveling in the beginning for their perks.

I find that the game is difficult enough where I can afford to waste skill points on crafting. When considering that all characters have the same bank, I made a character who does all the research and crafts all the gear. It's a great temporary solution to avoid the debate of whether you should spend your hard earned skill point to "increase your character’s base spell resistance by 3%" or "reduce research times by 5%" when your getting your butt whooped by Doshia.

So instead of having two sub par woodworkers making gear for themselves, you can make one decent woodworker making gear for your sorcerer and nightblade.

I just looked at my two and the sorceress has the most progress on woodworking but the nightblade hasn't done much yet. I was thinking of a third in the AD to do alchemy and provisioning. I only have about 3 recipes however so I'm not sure how good things get. I have been finding a lot of reagents though so I may go dump everything in the bank and then make a new character. I guess it should be a Khajit but I'll look to see if anyone has a racial bonus in alchemy since I can make anyone I choose.

Here's an idea that I would not be opposed to...who wants to make a crafting guild? considering we can join multiple guilds, and we plan on porting our characters to the console in the future. We can share our materials, and assist in making would definitely free up some slots in our bank.

You need 10 members to start guild bank so would have to do a little recruiting. I agree though I am not really taking the game seriously on PC so If I join a guild it will be on my Xbox One. I'm just going to be porting my character over to get the achievements anyway.

I was not really thinking of guilds or anything on the PC since I figure it will take me the full 6 months just to get my head wrapped around everything. My handy guy said he would send me friend request so I can join his guild but I'm not sure.

That raises a question. Do you guys make male characters? My handy guy is one of those guys who prefer to play in third person and play a girl.

I always play male characters. I like to try an make them an expression of myself. I had 10 high level characters in WoW and about 4 or 5 in SWtOR so I could master all the professions but think I'm just going to roll with one in ESO. My AD Khajiit Templar. I like cats and apart from the Russian accent I think Khajiit's suit me the best of all the races.

I made a Khajit Templar in the AD to be my crafter. She is a grey striped cat and right now wears only a leather jerkin. I always thought that the Khajit and Argonians should be able to wear less or no clothes. She will probably just stay in the background. I discovered though that there is a real advantage to letting her craft my mage staffs. I like the crescent moon shaped staffs for the Khajit. Is that a russian accent? I've never been quite sure but I do like their dialog. I rescued the Kajit from the skooma smugglers last night and I love his dialog trying to convince me to free and help him.

I play as myself as well or the me as I would be in that fantasy world. I enjoyed making a male pawn who was very definitely eye candy in Dragon's Dogma but my avatar was still female. I always make me tall perhaps because I'm not really.

Actually I asked about this in game and players said its not actually a Russian accent it more like Persian.

Persian? Like in Aladdin? Yeah, I can believe that. It's a good exotic accent that suits the Khajit character, that's for sure.

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