Crafting recipes.

I seen people say recipes can drop randomly whenever, but I haven't seen a single one yet starting inferno at lvl 60... Are they really that rare?

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they are only in inferno difficulty and they drop abought the same rate as a legindary possiblly a little more common

Just the crazy way random does it, sometimes I see nothing for ages then Ill get a few in a row

yes jacko I have got like 4-5 in 1 dungeon and then it'll be and hour or so of play time before i see even 1 it is strange

Didn't realize it was only inferno.  I thought I had read they can drop on any level.  Thanks guys

I had the set plans for cains set drop in nightmare, they are all lvl 22 but still great for exp and mf.ive had other full set plans and single legendary plans drop in hell and inferno. I think it's your mf and some luck the effect your drops.

i finished up Inferno today and I had AT LEAST 25 drop.  Some I already had but a bunch that I did not.

I put them in my stash in case anyone needs them.  

I tend to give the one ive already leard to my friends i keep them in my stash too

yall add me we will do a bunch of mf farming

Actually, I started getting plans dropping in Nightmare mode.


Got a majority of my plans in Hell & Inferno, but with my second character I got a Longshot plan in the Fields of Misery/Act I!


Oh well ... not complaining, just wish it was something I didn't have!

I tend to just drop the plans for anyone else in my game, if i already know it that is. other than that i save them in my stash for whoever joins. I'm currently paragon level 12 and pretty much just farm anything and everything.