Cracking down on objective game abusers

So reading over Sir Speedy's last thread made me a bit sad.


Bungie has done quite a job of cracking down on gamers who abuse the credit system...farming credits from a campaign mission, afk-ing in firefight...


What about checking into people who consistently abuse objective games.  When I play CTF, Oddball, Stockpile, etc. I want everyone to try to actually PLAY the game mode.  Or get the -BLAM- out and go play Slayer.  I think it's pretty easy to tell who is consistently abusing the system and racking up an enormous amount of kills each game from them.  I wouldn't care but it's ruining the experience for people who actually want to play these game modes.  I jumped into a multi-team match and there was a forerunner, inheritor and some other high rank and all they did on sword base oddball was just kill.  They maybe had 5 seconds with the ball, but they all had rampages and ridiculous k/d and it made it not so much fun for others in the game.  It's a bully thing to do, and quite immature.  


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well for me I am better ar protecting teammates & killing the opposition than I am trying to carry a flag. I suck and carrying oddball/flags. I am better at protecting the carries or killing the opposing carrier. 4 people can't carry a flag, someone has to protect & kill.

On objective games I tend to die the most, but I'm the one that scores the flag.. carries the ball.. etc... except Griffball... I love beating people with a Hammer..

It really bothers me when people vote for capture the flag and I'm the only person on my team trying to capture it..

Rex hit it on the head with his statement.  He tends to die the most going for the actual objective.  Therein lies your problem.  That, oh so precious K/D ratio.... God forbid anybody actually gets killed playing a FPS.

I'm a team player most of the time, I will go for the objective if I have no where else to be where I can personally gain, every game of Invasion I almost always capture the First two hills myself, and from there I HELP the team by grabbing their/our banshee and spawn kill the enemies and defend whilethey take the core. However, if someone else get's Banshee and Wraith, I go for core.

Also, yay I liek sir speedy :3

It's been my opinion for quite some time now that they should remove the Sniper from Hemorrhage in objective game modes. Not only is it EXTREMELY annoying, but it pushes the wrong type of gameplay. You rarely see people take the sniper for the sole purpose of over looking their team's Warthog or other vehicle going for the objective. No, you get the idiots who can't aim who waste every single bullet attempting to spawn kill the other team from the opposite side of the map. And BOTH snipers are doing that, and never have the intelligence to take the OTHER sniper out. Not to mention it just promotes camping in a game type that is intended for moving around like a team to score.

I proposed a similar idea to this a while ago. I said that if you didn't touch or cap an objective for a certain amount of objective games, you'd get like a 10 minute ban (kind of like the quit ban) with the warning saying that you've been suspended for unsporting conduct in objective game modes or something. Obviously it would be tweaked a little differently than that so it wouldn't wrongfully suspend people. But you can't just go off of kills. I mean I've been in objective games where I'll go 30-5 and have the most scores on my team. The formula would have to be worked to detect objective carry times/scores as well.

I am usually the meat shield for the bomb/flag carrier for my team.  It's a role I am quite good at.  Need someone to absorb your bullets as you cap that flag or grab the bomb?  Then I'm your gal.  So yeah, I die a lot in objective games.

But I understand what you are saying OP.  It does ruin the experience for other players.  Unfortunately, it's commonplace in objective games to have a team that does nothing but boost their stats (another reason stats mean nothing).  But for every game like that, I have to hope the next one is going to be better.

Argh.  These new forums suck.  Wouldn't let me add to my last post.

Anywho, further to what the OP was saying, I don't see how Bungie could develop a 'detection tool' for behaviour like stat padding.  One of my friends is an absolute beast with the sniper so we let him provide cover fire as we run the flag/bomb.  He is also our defense if someone tried to grab our flag and/or score the bomb.  He gets little to no carry time.  I don't think it would be fair for him to be penalized for his team work.  

agree with FlockofBunnies - this new forum setup sux!

I can understand what the OP is getting at but it'll be hard for Bungie to differentiate between those that are abusing and those that are simply supporting their team.  They'd have to specify which playlist suffers from this sort of behavior the most.  If I were to point fingers, I'd say Multi-team suffers from this sort of thing more so than say... BTB or Squad.  Team Crazy King in BTB can be total carnage.  Most of the folks I play with.... we designate two or three people to make runs at the hill while the rest stay out and kill the other team in an attempt to keep them from the hill.  So perhaps, we're tha exact sort you're complaining about Eno... sorry.  

I hate ball carriers in Griffball that stall. Dude, you have a clear goal, the entire team is down, go score the friggin' point! I really hate it when the staller IS ON MY TEAM! It would be tricky for anyone to try and set up some sort of rule for objective games.

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