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Well I also realized I have this problem it hasn't affected my gameplay in any way. I have seen countless posts on this subject and people giving advice on how to take care of your disc. I am an adult and sadly i mostly just play black ops so it sits in the xbox more than anything. I have rarely put it back into it's case and have done so carefully when needed so imagine my surprise after reading about all these posts that i thought they just didnt take care of thier stuff that i would find the same thing when i looked at my own black ops disc. This is upsetting that the quality of materials used to make a $60 dollar game + $60 Live subscription to enjoy the game would be so poor.


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Like everything else these days. cheap cheaper cheapest. you cant buy anything worth a dime these days. I had to replace my disc because of crack. The case design has never been very good. You shouldnt have to buy insurance for a game disc that is made to remove from a case anyway

i put mine in the x box and downloaded it. i rarely take it out and when i do i dont put it in the case. it has scratches on it but also for 2 or 3 dollars cd trade post will take them out. i refuse to put my games in those cases i usually go to garage sales and buy dumb @@@ movies for a quarter and then throw the dumb @@@ movies away and keep the cases good luck to you though

There are always replacement warranties available at purchase.  

Otherwise, you can blame it on the cases (30% less plastic) and the lack of patience that keeps everyone from safely removing the game from its case.

Eco friendly, that's funny. Those cases were more then likely made to *** your game up. So you have to buy another one. Think about it, if you installed the game, and only used the disk to starts it, the disk would last forever. REMEDY: make it so the case breaks the game in a way so the disk can't spin. Making you buy another copy.

Personally, I think you should be able to download the file from xbox live if you already have the game. I mean, you'd need a code inside the case or something. Which could lead to misuse. There's gotta be a solution though. We shouldn't have to figure out ways of ripping off blockbuster or anything because someone ripped us off. ***

I just keep my games in paper sleeves now though. *** those cases

Just install on hard drive it's easy.

i just installed it when i saw it was cracking, still works a year later!

Ya this was my first xbox and i am cheap and bought the 4GB kinect bundle so black ops wont install to my hard drive. It also hasn't affected playability yet. I was just posting because i see some people get harrassed for this thing happening and just realizing there might be some truth to the quality of the case and or disc being the culprit. because i too am falling victim to these cracks around the inner disc i just never noticed them before until i read the forums and took a look myself.

Yup, the new "eco friendly" cases cause more wear and tear on the discs if you don't take them out perfectly. Pisses me off too, I even installed mine to the hard drive and still had to buy a new one two weeks ago.

I must have taken cod4 in and out of the case 300 times, and yet I can still pop that game in and run it fine today, and it's not even installed to my hard drive. That was before these new cases came out.

install it to your hard drive,less wear on the disc and machine

I know alot of people like to blame it on the end user when their disc cracks. But I have over 70 Xbox 360 and original Xbox games. None have ever cracked on me except Black Ops. I was at GameStop just yesterday to buy another copy ( can't go with out Zombies) And they told me that all of their copies of Black Ops were recalled. The guy behind the counter said he has never seen anything like it. He and his coworkers had to find all the copies of Black Ops and box them up, and send to to corporate.  HOWEVER, I was in luck (kinda) and someone had just traded in a game that day and I bought it. HOWEVER I inspected the disc before I bought it. And guess what there is a hair line crack in the center circle already forming. I did knowingly buy it witha  crack. I will just watch it to see if it gets worse. and it was only $20 bucks.

My real point is that mistakes happen and engineers mess up. I do not believe this is a plot by anyone to drum up sales. HOWEVER, Microsoft and Activsion and who ever could man up and do a recall and replace. It sucks but people will trust them more for fessing up. ALSO they should have a more clear replace policy. If you send back the game that has all the official stickers that shows it is an original game they should replace it for about the cost of shipping and a new disc. maybe make it a perk of having an Xbox live account? Register your games in your XBOX account much like your Xbox(s) and they can replace for a small fee.

Just thinking.....

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