Crackdown 2 - "Pin Cushion" achievment glitched

Only for some players, this achievment is glitched/locked and will not open.  The objective: "Use the Harpoon Gun to pin 5 enemies to a single vehicle."  I have done this over and over again.  I've repeatedly had NINE guys pinned to a vehicle, but still nothing.

Strategies include applying a liberal definition to "enemies," because some players have reported success with this achievement by pinning non-enemies such as peacekeepers and pedestrians.  Still nothing.

Others who have reported this problem elsewhere have said that the only solution is to obtain the achievement through the Crackdown 2 Demo.  It is said that, once earned there, it will pop once you load the game proper.  But this strategy is a pain in the butt!  The Harpoon Gun is a level-4 weapon, requiring the player to level up their character quickly within the demo's half-hour window.  This translates to a frantic 25 minutes of character leveling, and 5 minutes of actually trying for the achievement before the game shuts you out.

Who else can't get their Pin Cushion cheevo unlocked?  Very frustrating.  A fix is in order!


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Maybe try contacting the game creators and inform  them of this situation they might be able to send an update

Since first encountering this glitched achievement, I have twice recovered my gamertag (once recently), and I have repeatedly cleared my cache.  Just now, again, I pinned nine Cell enemies to one vehicle... even drove it around for a bit with their bodies pinned.  Cheevo still locked.

Hey OP, I'm going to sneak this thread over into the Crackdown 2 forum, to see if the community there can offer any new insight or strategies into the situation.

That being said, I strongly recommend recovering your GT and trying again, in case you haven't done so already.