I have a problem:
When I first connect to LIVE REACH asked me to deliver 40.000 Cr (approximately) and I dropped my rank.
Playing LIVE everything was fine until I disconnected from LIVE, but when I disconnect and started playing the campaign I started to give 50 Cr for each mission of the campaign.

And it does not give me the achievements of the campaign this or not connected to LIVE
Does anyone know hat I spend it?


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I don't quite understand what you mean, but I'll give it a shot.


If you play Reach offline, you earn more cR than people playing online. Mainly because you don't have as many opportunities to earn cR due to the fact you can't play matchmaking.


IF at any point in time, you upgrade to a Live Gold account and connect your Xbox to the internet and start playing Reach online, you will have cR deducted, and possibly derank. This is simply for balancing. Since you earn more cR offline, ranking up is easier and not balanced with the online community. Taking some cR away from you is how the game balances you out with the rest of the online community.


I'm not sure about the achievement problem though.

Does that help? Or were you asking something different?

Si juegas halo reach offline, ganas mas Cr que los que juegan en live. Principalmente por que no tienes tantas oportunidades de ganar Cr por el hecho de que no puedes jugar en matchmaking


Si en cualquier momento, te conviertes en una cuenta gold y te conectas a xbox live en linea y empiezas a jugar halo reach, se te pediran unos cuantos creditos reducidos y posiblemente te bajen de rango. Esto es para simplificar el balance. Como tu ganas mas Cr desconectado, el subir de rango es mas facil pero no esta balanceado con la comunidad en linea. Quitandote algunos Cr a ti es como el juego te balancea con el resto de la comunidad en linea.


no sabemos nada sobre lo del logro


and yes I know he speaks spanish, so I simply translated what you wrote noble