cpu playcalling question

Not sure if this is just me, but is there any way to improve CPU playcalling.  I think my difficulty is between all-pro and madden (40 for user, 60 or so for cpu).

I just find that the cpu can move the ball on 1st and 2nd down fine, but on 3rd down its horrid. They throw a ton of deep passes along the sideline and these slow lob passes that end up out of bounds, especially on 3rd or 4th and short. I basically give them the 1st down by backing up but they keep up with these terrible passes. Doesnt seem to matter who the QB is.  Believe their 3rd down % is like 20%.

They also seem to go braindead once insdie my35. The last 3 games they have matched my yardage or exceded it, yet they have had 4FGs and 1TD in total ( the TD being a missed tackle by me).

This reminds of Madden 08 or so for the Computer. It was the same then. I didnt really notice this in 2010 ( i didnt buy 2011).

Is there anything to do? Are the sliders wrong? or should one be at a certain level.


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Put CPU QB accuracy & WR catching on 100. May want to up their pass blocking a bit too...