Coyote Canyon; PAX East; DLC Date

I really love this game. It was my first game on X1 and the developers are very nice and actually take the time to talk to you over LIVE and via Upload Studio. Thanks Paul (PowerStar Golf; Gamertag) and they added in some pretty nice clubs and equipment. Recently my girlfriend has gotten into the game and likes do do the weekly and/or monthly challenges (She is working on 350 Birdies now).

We seen there is a new course coming out (Coyote Canyon) and that it will be showcased at PAX East which ends tomorrow. They will be letting people play the new course and was wondering if there is anymore info on this or better yet YouTube videos that showcase the holes and any other new additions to the game. Since this looks very Desert like maybe a Yosemite Sam type player? Any more/new info or vids would be great!


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Here is a video from PAX East.

Thank you for the vid.

Thanks for the link!  Looks great remind me of Black Rock Cove from Tiger.  I'll never forget the time I got a hole in one on the 18th Par 5.  It only gave me a double eagle but I have it saved on the memory card!  If you want to make this game more interesting with the GF.  Play strip golf it's a blast!  

Very happy to see this is FREE. Really happy that developers are making FREE DLC for their games. Pop Cap with PvZ: GW, MS and Zoe Mode with PSG, and lets hope Peggle 2 has something even though I doubt it will be free... In a world full of cheap cash ins (COD: Snoop Dog Voice Pack, Weed Camo, skins... etc) it is refreshing to see a change and developers rewarding fans/community for their initial purchase.

Chef; I do not think that is a good idea as the GF plays more and keeps breaking my records. No one wants to see my special club.