Just lost another silver match TRYING to escape, only to have myself sticking to every doorway an object in my path..  and this taking my medgel, support / shields, just as I die?? kind of sick to lose a medgel an die at the same time..


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Yea, cover can be a pain sometimes, it's been like that the entire series.   I've died more than a few times like that.   Nothing really to get that upset about though.

It seems to be worse on certain maps..Condor in particular.

One of the reasons I preferred the cover system in the first game, not once did I ever stick to a piece of cover that I didn't want to.

[quote user="Shane McLauglin"]

It seems to be worse on certain maps..Condor in particular.



And Reactor.  Glacier too.

At least for me.

That's odd because I've NEVER had  issues with the cover system in the game.  I've never had the game stick me behind cover instead of allowing me to run.  Conversely I've never had problems getting into cover.  Perhaps each of you just need to get better at the game?  Teehee, sorry I just had to.  Yeah the cover system has frustrated me beyond belief more than once especially during desperate situations.  

The worse is trying to revive someone.  When I push A to revive, my Krogan idiot wants to hop into cover.  When I push B to grab, he pops up out cover and gets shot up, like an idiot.

I'm always telling my character, "Get OFF THE FREAKIN WALL!!!".

You'd think that something as vital as reviving someone would take precedence over covering on the wall, but it doesn't. Often times a player dies whilst someone is trying their damnedest to save them, but just can't because of the game's wall affinity. This really presents a major flaw to the gameplay in my opinion.