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okay, so im most likeley going to get this, but i have a few questions about the HoF edition cover.

The Faulk cover is cool, dont get me wrong, but i like the origional with Hillis, i like the design of the cover and the style of it, but i also want to get the Hall of Fame edition, but i would rather have the hillis cover. So are they going to just have a slip over thingy that says hall of fame edition and then the regular box underneath with the hillis cover? or are they going to just have a totoally different box for hall of fame?


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Well two things, the HOF cover is separate and alone. The second part is that, the hall of fame edition is not worth the extra money in any way whatsoever.

Yeah, I'm going to have to go with Conrad's answer here. I'm not seeing the draw to the Hall of Fame edition. It seems very weird of EA to be releasing such a barebones special edition in this day and age.

well the HOF edition is actually a limited release, 125,000 were made and every one includes a personally signed football card from faulk.  plus they made 2 solid gold cards of marshall faulk and put one in each 360 hof edition and one in a ps3 hof edition.  But you are guaranteed 1 of 4 hand signed cards from marshall faulk in the hof edition.