couple XBL Questions

  1. so i got a random text message from someone claiming to be MS(and they're a golden UK account with 0 GS) asking me to send an email addy to become a Mod on XBL....hilariously lulzy how bad an impersonation they did...  what do i report this under since i wasn't threatened/harassed and they weren't cheating the system?

       2.  also How do i get rid of my XBL passcode? i tried it out, it and it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it's annoying having to constantly enter a 4 digit code to sign in.


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As for 1, XBL doesn't give much for reporting choices. I would just report it under the text message area. The XBLPET don't take kindly to impersonations, and will deal with it accordingly. As long as you haven't deleted the message, they can look it up when you report it. As for 2, I don't know anything on how to remove that. Hope you get the answer for it.

First off... 1. You're reminded by The Code of Conduct not to post factional personal information on XBL due to the fact (as you stated) of fraudulent a-holes trying to steal away at you and to ignore them and be off on your way. But if you feel harrased or bothered by such message then i recommend Pressing it as a text and communications report or tampering, as whatever you feel is wise. Both work well... Secondly... 2. As for the passcode just go to your XBOX dashboard (press the guide button on the middle of your controller) then scroll to the right till you read the "Account Management" option. Press it then scroll right after being redirected and you should see the Passcode option. Click it, press in your passcode the first time then the second time (dont press in your passcode) it should give you the "press A" (Clear passcode) option. Press A and ta-da... BTW my apologies for the text wall... Night...