Couple thoughts on XBL Head to Head

So... I understand why we dont get rank points for games that involve invites, that makes sense. Even though I like to look at players "Scout" pages before I play them, I get that its there to stop people climbing the leaderboards with fake wins. What I dont understand is why we are forced to go blindly in Quick match games.... Whats the point of me not being able to see their record? Im not gonna play someone who is 500-5 if Im only 5-1. Better yet, would it be that difficult to add a a way to see their "Scout" pages from the Quick match lobby? At the end of the day, its still a non-invite game...


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If no  one can see your record, why worry?  It is just a game.  Maybe that is why they took records out of quick  match so you can't run from  matches until  you find a noob to pick on.  Too funny!!