Couple things that would have been nice, maybe next time

I think penalty replays would add a nice bit of realism,  like when you're getting face masked. Also custom camera angles that can be saved and reused for making highlights. The crowd booing you when you can't make a play.


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Well penalty replays is a pretty dumb idea considering there is holding on every play. I would like for the crowd to be a far bit more interactive with what is actually going on during the game. And of course commentary needs to be completely redone

yeah you're right there are a lot of holding and injuries too. But some of the face mask replays might be cool.

It doesnt add realism, unless the NFL does it on Sundays thats a feature that should not be allowed. Just think of how that would slow the game down, and give people 15 yds. everytime they needed a 3rd and long

They always replay penalty plays on tv.  However,  we don't need anymore replays.  I like the custom camera angles for highlights suggestion...

I agree on a custom-cam for highlights and disagree on the other 2.

After watching 2 penalty replays i would soon be instantly skipping all of them/turning them off, like almost everyone else.  There would be numerous threads on here complaining about excessive replays, especially if they were in online ranked games. I honestly wouldn't even want to see replays of holding/clipping because probably half the time it comes in a situation when my players shouldn't even be making contact with the defender(opposite side of the field, 25 yards behind me on kick/punt returns)

And there are far to many situations/factors that go into when a crowd would be booing.  That change would make booing get too repetitive, or happen at times when it shouldn't.  A lot of people play madden while listening to something other than the game(myself included), so that change wouldn't be very big imo