Couple Quick Questions.

A bit off topic but theres alot of knowledgeable people in this forum. I was playing Xbox last night and the machine made a "pop" sound (I think it did, I had headphones on) and then suddenly the power (on the machine only, was off. It will not power back up. There is no RROD and no lights at at. Nothing happens when I hit the power button. Is there a fuse or reset type switch on the box somewhere? Anyone else had this happen? If I buy a new box will my DLC be available to me? How do I get my BO2 disc out of the tray? Any tech support would be great, thanks.


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What color is the light on the xbox power supply?


Edit: And dlc is associated with the gamertag. so if you move to a new console your dlc comes with you.

A few links.

No Power

Open Disc Tray

sounds like you blew the fuse inside the xbox that is associated with the power on command. the pop sound screams blown fuse to me.

Thanks all. It works now. It was a plug in the home (built in the 50s and they go coocoo sometimes. Heres the maybe the same link as above (I found it before returning here, but it was very helpful). If its not the same one, then here another, LOL. Thanks again all. Mods, do your thing with this thread (move or delete). Happy gaming.