couple quick questions I;m hoping you guys will have an answer for.

1.) do you need to own one of the 200,000 dollar houses to be able to do future heists? A lot has been made out of having to have the plan room, I own one of the 300,000 dollar apartment but was thinking about downsizing to just a garage in a better more central location.

2.)if I were to trade in my disc copy of gta v and then downloaded the gamestore version would I have to start all over again in the online or would it carry over?


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Im pretty sure you will need one of the more expensive apartments to do hiests, not 100% sure tho.

Yea, all your stuff should transfer over as long as you dont delete the saves.

Any of the 'high end' apartments that come with a 10 car garage will enable heists.

Where did you get this info Mafivee?

Oh 'Mr. I need a source to believe something'. You're a bit late to the party, or have you been living under a rock? Everybody knows about this... I got it from anywhere and everywhere, type into google and you shall recieve ;)

Mafivee is right, and I don't have a source either ; )

Buuut if you must know the source Bad, it's right under your nose.