Couple Questions

Just looking for someone to help me out with a couple questions.

1. Is it more realistic to play on Sim rather than the "default" setting?  What is the difference? Do fighters tire accurately, etc?

2. When someone is mounted on top of you is there a better way to avoid taking countless punches besides swaying and blocking?  What's the best means of defense or quickest way to get out of the position....?



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1-100% stick with default until experienced  enough to use sim settings.

2-hold right bumper an do a half circle, DR D DF F ,the same rotation move you do to escape a cage clinch .

Hi Mate

Realistic is the way to go if you want to play it properly, ive not played on default but i dont think they tire so you could spam kicks etc.

You can do lots of things, main thing is to pull them down on you so they are in the 'mount clinch' they can't rock you this way. After that its small tranistions, dont be afraid to hold on to them as well. You can also try reversals when they are trying to posture up.

Sorry miss read number 2,

There's a couple of sweep transitions an a couple of moves ike butterfly guard,rubber guard both of these are good counter measures when the opponent is on top.

Like Gnat's said hold on to them is also a good counter to the ground game, just grab them an keep the right stick pushed away from other player this will keep there head in your chest until the ref splits you up.

There's no shame in playing tactical a win is a win ;)

Thanks guys