Couple Problems...

Air Strike: When I first obtained this Special Weapon, the game gave me 2k ammo, yes 2k. Last time I used it I was on about 1997, so I loaded up the game just now and I have 2.....any idea?

Online Pass: When I bought this game new I put in the code for the online pass, and I understand it allows for **** Mode/Co-op. But while browsing the list of DLC, for example, "The Trouble With Clones" it says, if you have the Online Pass, do not purchase, you will be billed twice. Yet its still saying 560 ms points etc. ??


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that is season pass for trouble with clones not online pass

Teddy is spot on again! :P

The Online pass is for co-op/whored. The Season Pass is for DLC.

season pass will get you if I'm correct, the nyteblayde pack, Trouble with Clones, Genki Bowl, and Gangstas in space